Ripper Street Season 2 Finale Recap: “Our Betrayal – Part One”

Ripper Street


There’s more than one case of deceit being referenced in the title of this week’s Ripper Street, the last episode before next Sunday’s season finale. It’s been one month since Drake made the shocking discovery that Bella used to be a member of a religious cult—and he hasn’t been seen since her suicide. But Bella wasn’t the only character betraying their spouse’s trust this season. Still livid with Jackson for wasting what little savings she had on a bogus Argentinian mining investment, Long Susan steels herself to meet the lascivious terms of Duggan’s lease. And what about Flight—he looks all innocent and nervous, what with the H Division gig being his first big job and all, but is he really as much of a brown-noser as he wants Reid to believe? The short answer: nope.

This week’s Ripper Street is the first in a two-part arc. Catch the season finale Sunday, March 23 at 10e 7p.