Ripper Street Recap: “Threads Of Silk And Gold”

Ripper Street


For 19th-century male prostitutes, the telegraph delivery business was as good a cover as any. They could surreptitiously meet with high-ranking men all over town, and their clients could easily put in a request for their services. Plus, cute uniforms.

But what happens this episode isn’t cute. Two telegraph boys, David and Vincent, conspire to blackmail a wealthy client. The boys are in love, and want the funds to live freely in an era when being gay was illegal. They set their sights—and their greedy hands—on Solomon Quint, an investment analyst at a large London bank. But Quint is tied up in financial dealings that reach far beyond the bedroom, and the boys’ scheme quickly unravels. When another telegraph boy named Otto fills in for David on a job, he’s found strangled to death hours later. The murderer got the wrong guy—which means more people will have to die.

Jackson is also tangentially tied up in the Quint scandal. With Duggan squeezing Long Susan for every penny—thought still not literally squeezing her—Jackson is desperate to find a quick fix for their debts. He proposes they invest in an Argentine mine: one of his friends said they could make a fortune in a week, and that it was a sure thing. Long Susan (whose name is actually Caitlin??) laughs this off, prompting Jackson to storm over to Duggan’s place and confront him with a pistol—then immediately get beaten up. Defeated, Jackson goes against Susan’s wishes and buys the stock anyway. But it turns out Quint had uncovered important information about Argentina’s financial status.

There are hints that Reid’s marriage also might be in trouble. While smooching his wife on a stroll, a strange woman approaches them to say hello. Bella pretends she’s never seen the girl, but something is definitely up. And on a more promising note, Reid got his head out of his ass and asked out Jane Cobden.