Ripper Street Recap: “A Stronger Loving World”

ripper street


Since Bella and Drake got married, their relationship has been mostly drama free. Quietly loyal, Bella has appeared briefly throughout the season to offer doe-eyed support and gentle words of wisdom. But this week, her past makes a tragic comeback. Not her past as a prostitute, though; that was wholesome compared to what came before.

As Drake learns after Bella’s bearded “uncle” makes an unexpected visit to their home, she used to be part of a religious cult—and her former clan is doing their damndest to reign her back in. (The “uncle” reminds her of her loyalties during a not-very-avuncular makeout session.) Also making a comeback are Drake’s feelings for Rose, which were suppressed—but not fully extinguished—when he married another woman. To complicate matters, Bella’s former cult is linked to a series of attacks between Whitechapel’s Christian and Jewish communities. Meaning Drake’s marital problems are also H Division’s professional problems.