Samara’s Back And She’s Got Your Number In The First Trailer For Rings

Great news, Ring fans: Samara’s returned and this time the little nightmare in the well has dragged Coach Taylor’s daughter from Friday Night Lights and The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki into the mess. But it’s Italian actor Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz who makes the mistake of watching the notoriously deadly video (did they not get the first two Ring movies in Italy?) to discover that Samara’s gone meta—there’s a second video hidden within the original that no one’s ever noticed. Possibly because they were legit too terrified to keep their eyes open long enough.

In this new movie, we’re confronted once again with the same Ring-related question: why would you watch a video that’s rumoured to have the power to kill you in seven days? Julia (Lutz) does it to save her urban legend-obsessed boyfriend, who’s on the verge of viewing it for himself. Immediately, she begins coughing up epic hairballs in the shower and bleeding out of her face.

Paramount did a cool promo thing where you could use the hashtag #WatchMe to unlock the full trailer on Twitter:

But if your social media accounts are already haunted enough then just hit play on the clip below for the same effect. Rings is in theatres on October 28, just in time for Halloween.

Want even more Rings? Here’s the new poster.