Resistance Is Futile Tackles Star Trek: Discovery’s Season 1 Finale (And The Mirror Universe, Obviously)

Star Trek

Returning 2020

Timelines and Mirror Universes can confuse even a super seasoned sci-fi fan and one season into her first Star Trek series April is still struggling with the concept. With assistance from veteran Trekker Mark, our neophyte (no, that is not a Kelpian subspecies) fan is still hammering out the details on where Discovery ends and the half-dozen or so other Star Treks begin. It doesn’t help that, on the occasion of its Season One finale, this Trek bumped right up against another: the original series and it’s ship, the Enterprise.

You might guess that a lifelong fan like Mark would be psyched to see the two shows overlap. You’d be wrong. Mark thinks that a few more seasons should have passed before reaching this ultimate cliffhanger of an ending. The one upside? It solidified Discovery’s status in the Star Trek cannon.

Way more importantly though: what’s the future of Burnham and Tyler’s relationship? Mark isn’t happy about his exit, April’s confused, and both Burnham and Tyler seemed heartbroken. Why—WHY?!— are the writer’s doing this to us?

As for the show’s second instalment, Mark reassures April that we can probably say adieu to the Mirror Universe and hello to a new Discovery Captain—will it be Saru or someone new? Find out what our two hosts think in the video below.