Resistance Is Futile Returns This Week With A Meditation On Mutiny (And Tribbles)

Returning 2020

Longtime Star Trek fans were excited to spot what appeared to be one of the cuddly, furry, exponentially multiplying aliens known as Tribbles on the desk of the Discovery’s enigmatic Captain Lorca in this week’s episode. People who’ve never watched Star Trek before, however, were like ‘Wtf is a Tribble?’ And that’s precisely the situation we have between our Discovering Trek video podcast hosts, Trek mega-fan Mark and Federation neophyte April.

In this week’s installment, Mark explains the significance of the so-called space hamsters (Klingons hate them) and fills April in on who Amanda is (Spock’s mother and Sarek’s human wife, who’ll be played by Toronto’s own Mia Kirshner in the new series). He also bravely attempts to go where no video podcast host has gone before: headlong into an explanation of how teleportation works.

Check out the video below and tune in next week for our third episode—which Mark and April have promised to do entirely in Klingon, right guys?