It’s Not Over Until Our Resistance Is Futile Hosts Say It’s Over

Star Trek

Returning 2020

There’s mutual relief between Mark and April that this week’s Star Trek: Discovery episode— originally slated to be the Season One, Chapter One cliffhanger that left us biting our nails until the show returned in January—will now be the penultimate episode from the series’ first installment. Confused? You’re not alone. The point is: we’ve got one more episode (this Sunday at 8e) before Discovery goes on hiatus. Chapter Two kicks off on Sunday, January 7 in the show’s regular Space Channel timeslot.

Perhaps it was the sheer willpower of our hosts (or maybe some bigshot execs at CBS weighed in), but someone out there was listening and agreed that the season shouldn’t end on the brink of a Klingon battle. Instead, it seems, we could be left mid-battle or in the aftermath of one—a much better spot to leave fans hanging, say both Mark and April.

In this episode of Resistance Is Futile, the two discuss what they’d like to see for the real Chapter One finale, including some hand-to-hand Klingon combat, a Discovery visit for L’Rell, a Burnham/Tyler breakup, and some answers about the questions that have been plaguing us since the series debuted (see: Lorca’s weirdness, Tyler’s weirdness, Stamets’ weirdness… we could go on).

Bonus: April dives into some of her most out-there Trek theories yet (she suspects the Klingons, whose voices are like Ambien to her, to be the puppet masters behind even the energy beings on Pahvo) and Mark gives us another Trek history lesson about how this week’s episode ties to a classic one, “Errand of Mercy.”

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