Our Resistance Is Futile Hosts Can’t Resist A Good Bad Guy

Star Trek

Returning 2020

Huge shout-out to April’s mom for contributing the best prop to this week’s episode of Resistance is Futile! Unfortunately, April’s cool new Star Trek mug doesn’t mean she understands that whole mirror universe thing (yet). Somebody get these guys some more bourbon.

Discovery’s use of the classic time loop plot structure may have thrown April herself for a loop, but Mark sets her straight on the difference between the mirror universe and the temporal blip orchestrated by Harry Mudd, a character both our hosts are into. April thinks he’s hilarious (we concur) while Mark was amused by Mudd’s whole Trojan-esque Discovery infiltration tactic—the kinda charming ‘hiding inside an Andorian space suit hiding inside a Gormagander’ ruse.

What they don’t agree on is the unclear motives Lt. Tyler may be harbouring. Mark thinks he’s a Klingon. April thinks he’s merely a bad choice for a boyfriend. We think this budding romance could be the key to peace between the Federation and the Klingon Houses. Ha ha. Just kidding.

As for this Sunday’s sort-of-second-last-episode (remember, we’re taking a mid-season break until January 2018)? Our hosts have diverging interests. Mark’s wishlist includes a lot of Klingons, a check-up on our kidnapped Starfleet Admiral, a ramping up of the war’s action, and a cliff-hanger of an ending. April just wants to see Tyler and Burnham make out.

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