Resistance Is Futile Debates The Possible Appearance Of Captain Kirk

Star Trek

Returning 2020

As a series, Star Trek: Discovery has been breaking all the rules of the Trek universe. In this week’s instalment of Resistance is Futile, Mark and April talk about the series taking place in a mirror universe. Is your mind blown yet or what?!

Episode 6 has April convinced that Lorca is pure evil, that he sent the Admiral (his boss who was about to remove him as captain of the Discovery) to the Klingons on purpose, knowing she wouldn’t come back. Also: he totally refused to go save her, citing Starfleet protocols. You know, the same ones he ignored when he decided to go save Sarek? Both Mark and April agree that Lorca shouldn’t be in charge of a ship—he’s super impulsive, paranoid, and probably suffering from PTSD. In short he’s completely unlike any Starfleet captain we’ve ever seen. Which brings us back to the whole mirror universe theory.

Speaking of Captains, who’s up for a Kirk cameo? William Shatner is, but Mark has his reservations. Find out more about what our Trek expert and Trek newbie thought about this week’s episode in the video podcast below.