Resistance Is Futile Addresses This Week’s Massive WTF Moment On Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek

Returning 2020

This week on our Star Trek: Discovery video podcast, Mark and April start off talking about the evolution of Klingons from the original series to the new (old: just guys with beards; new: holy prosthetics, Voq!) before delving into this episode’s WTF moment when Stamets walks away from the mirror and his reflection stays behind.

Is Stamets two people because he injected himself with Tardigrade DNA (April’s theory) or are we in mirror universe territory (Mark gives us a bit of a Trek history lesson by explaining the precedent set in Kirk and Spock’s day)? More importantly: is Stamets 2.0 EVIL?

Other hot topics to be debated this week: on-screen F-bombs, the introduction of Trek’s first out gay couple (one half of which is also Trek’s first half-Tardigrade character), Klingons speaking English, getting makeovers, and hooking up, and the return of the super shady Harry “Hardcore” Mudd.

Check out the episode below.