Real Humans Explores the Bond Between Man and Machine

Real Humans


We all know what you’re going to be watching Saturday, November 8. Really, you need a refresher? You’ll be watching the SEASON FINALE of Doctor Who. Obviously.

But aaafter watching the season finale of Doctor Who, we’ll be airing the SERIES PREMIERE of Real Humans, a Swedish sci-fi series set in a parallel world in which humanoid robots, or “hubots,” act as labourers and servants. The 10-episode, one-hour series explores what can happen when human workers, friends, parents, and even lovers, are replaced with robots.

Word of warning, the show will be subtitled for English audiences, because dubbing is lame and beneath you. Sorry, more warning: the show premieres November 8 at 10e 7p, right after Doctor Who, but subsequent hour-long eps will air back-to-back Wednesdays beginning at 9e 6p.

Here’s more official deets from our PR humans:

In Real Humans, new technology and advancements in the field of science have made it possible to manufacture The Human Robot (hubot), a kind of mechanized servant that is so similar to a real human, it can often be considered a perfectly good substitute. While the hubot was created to make life easier and more efficient for humans, it’s also given rise to new dilemmas including thorny legal and humanitarian questions such as who is responsible for hubot actions and misdemeanors, and what their labour and personal rights are. As an ever-growing number of people form relationships with hubots, the boundaries between human and machine become blurred thus challenging humanity on what it means to be ‘human.’

In the premiere of Real Humans, Leo (Andreas Wilson) and Niska (Eva Röse) lead a group of rogue hubots who are fighting for their freedom. During an escape, Mimi (Lisette Pagler) disappears and Leo leaves the group to find her. At the same time, the Engman family decides to buy a used hubot, which has unexpected consequences for the entire family. Warehouse foreman Roger’s (Leif Andrée) life has begun coming apart at the seams. After his wife leaves him for her hubot, and all of his human coworkers have been replaced, Roger joins a resistance movement. Behind the everyday façade, something nasty is brewing.