Screenwriter Insists Ready Player One Is About More Than Just Nostalgia

ready player one

Based on the advance hype surrounding Ready Player One, some skeptics are fearful that Steven Spielberg’s latest science-fiction extravaganza is simply a self-indulgent exercise in pop culture nostalgia. While there’s no question that the film is flooded with references—and those references sometimes get in the way—they do serve a dramatic purpose. In a recent interview with CinemaBlend, screenwriter Zak Penn elaborated.

“Given my age and the stuff that I do, I get all of the references and they’re cool to me,” he said. “But I never thought that the movie would live or die on its references. Even now when I read fans who are like ‘Oh, is it just gonna be a bunch of characters from Overwatch?’ They just happen to be in the trailer. They’re just background. It’s just that everyone in the background happens to be either a created character or a licensed character.”

If you’re still feeling skeptical, Penn suggests you revisit the director’s celebrated body-of-work. “I think I tweeted something to the effect of, if you think Steven Spielberg is going to make a movie that just fires a string of references at you, you must not have seen his films,” he explained. “I mean, I wouldn’t write that either, but the idea that Steven would direct a movie like that seems insane. It’s not like there’s not a story in the book. There’s a clear story and there’s characters.”

Ready Player One arrives in theatres tomorrow. Check out the trailer below.