Ready Player One’s Screenwriter Is Hard At Work On A Matrix Script


A few years back, news broke that screenwriter Zak Penn (The Avengers, Ready Player One) is working on a reboot of The Matrix. With Keanu Reeves pledging not to return unless the Wachowskis are involved, it’s safe to assume that Penn is planning to introduce some new characters. In fact, he indirectly confirmed this in a recent interview with Screen Rant.

“I just think that universe is brilliant,” he said. “And it doesn’t always have to be the same characters. You could go in so many different directions.”

While the future of The Matrix remains uncertain, Penn confirmed that he’s still fighting hard for the reboot. “That’s a franchise I desperately want to see brought back,” he explained. “I can’t go in to too much detail, but I’ve been harassing Warner Bros. for years to try to get it going again, so that’s one thing I’m working on.”

By all indications, Penn’s script for Ready Player One has some parallels to The Matrix (virtual reality, incessant pop culture references), so its box office performance is likely to play a role in the future of Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, and their movie offspring. Having now worked on both series, Penn is quick to acknowledge at least one crucial parallel: “Both the Matrix and OASIS are similar in that they are brilliant ideas for universes.”

Ready Player One arrives in theatres on March 29. Check out the trailer below.