The Rock Plays An Action Hero Jane Goodall In Rampage


Canadian director Brad Peyton reunites with his San Andreas (btw, there’s a sequel in the works for that) star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for Rampage, a movie based on an ‘80s era arcade game where the players take on the avatars of gigantic, rampaging beasts on the war path to decimate entire cities while the military tries to take them out.

In the film, we’re still rooting for some of these genetically gigantified creatures but now one has a human ally: Primatologist Davis Okoye (Johnson). Davis is BFF with a super-smart silverback gorilla called George who falls prey to a sadistic genetic experiment from outer space (yep) that turns the sweet primate into a classic movie monster. Soon, it’s revealed that George isn’t alone—there are other rampaging beasts on the loose and together, they’re flattening every sign of civilization in their path (but, like, it’s totally not their fault). It’s up to The Rock’s character to flex his science muscles to save his ape pal (and maybe put a halt to the city-destroying chaos, too).


If you’ve had a rough week at work and want to see a bunch of plate glass windows and concrete buildings get smashed as a trio of overgrown animals destroy block after block of prime downtown Chicago office space, put Rampage on your weekend itinerary. The Rock takes on this whole video game thing like he’s Lana Del Rey (in a special message broadcast before the film, he mentions that it was one of his favourites back in this younger days).

The movie serves up precisely what you’re looking for in a film starring Dwayne Johnson: wolves that can pluck choppers out of the air like frisbees, gila-monster-versus-tank battles, fiery explosions, t-shirt ripping biceps, and a gorilla who speaks sign language (including the one sign we all use when someone cuts you off in traffic).


The acting, too, is classically Rockian, with Johnson delivering lines like ‘We’ve got to get that antidote’ at the pinnacle of the storyline using next to no emotion. But no one goes to see these movies in the hopes that their star will hand in a performance worthy of the Academy’s attention—we go to see the big guns (both Johnson’s and the military’s).

The Rock returns to theatres with Rampage on April 13, joined by Moonlight’s Naomie Harris, Magic Mike’s Joe Manganiello, The Final Girls Malin Ackerman, and a giant CG ape. Check out the trailer below.