Watch The First 4 Sacrilegious Minutes Of Seth Rogen’s Preacher

Given the crazy success of The Walking Dead, it’s no surprise AMC is back in the comic-book adaptation business. But its newest series might also be its riskiest.

Based on one of the raunchiest, most boundary-pushing comic series of all time, Preacher follows a hard-drinking man of God named Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) who gets possessed by a supernatural creature that allows him to force others to do his will. Along with a vampire named Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) and his ex-girlfriend Tulip (Ruth Negga), the trio head out on an epic quest to find God—like, capital “G” God—and ask him a few questions.

Developed by Seth Rogen and his frequent writing partner Evan Goldberg, the first episode of Preacher airs this Sunday, May 22, and because they’re doing the Lord’s work, AMC has put the first four and a half minutes of it online. That may not sound like a lot, but directors Rogen and Goldberg know how to pack quite a punch. (If you’re squeamish, beware of the exploding man.)

Oh, he doesn’t make an appearance in the intro, but there’s also a character named Arseface (Ian Colletti) who once tried to commit suicide and failed, so now his face looks like a butthole.


And that’s just the beginning of it! The sacrilegious, extremely funny, extremely dark series launched nine graphic novel collections and decades of debate among fans—and it may even be bloodier than The Walking Dead.

Strap in, folks.