Is Rita Repulsa Hiding A Green Ranger Surprise In Power Rangers?

Rita Repulsa’s been out of the game for a minute, but in forthcoming Power Rangers movie, she’s back after a 10,000-year beauty nap to reclaim her throne as the queen of the galaxy. But she might not be working alone. Along with her faithful minions, and new image of Elizabeth Banks’s Repulsa suggests that she may also have a Ranger on her side—a green one.

Lionsgate dropped the official image on social media on Monday, and while we’ve already written at length about Rita’s edgy new look, it’s her staff that has piqued our interests. See that shiny green stone at the end of Rita’s ornate staff? It looks an awful lot like a Power Coin, which are the supernatural source of a Power Ranger’s abilities in Dean Israelite’s 2017 Power Rangers reboot. The Power Coins resemble fossils of different hues that correspond to each Power Ranger—Red, Pink, Blue, Black, and Yellow.

If Rita is in possession of the Green Power Coin, then that could mean one of two things: Either Rita is the Green Ranger, or she has the ability to make a Green Ranger. This isn’t all that surprising. In the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, the Green Ranger was Rita’s evil henchman, until the spell was broken and Tommy became the sixth Power Ranger.

While no actor has been officially cast to play Tommy in the Power Rangers movie, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Green Ranger pop up at some point. It’s clear that the Power Rangers film franchise is already setting things up for a sequel.

Power Rangers hits theaters March 24, 2017.