Patrick Stewart Will Voice The Poo Emoji In The Emoji Movie

This is a world wherein “fake news” has become rampant and we, as a people, have become deeply suspicious of every slightly dodgy info tidbit we come across. It is this world into which the announcement was made that Patrick Stewart will voice the poo emoji in The Emoji Movie. This is really happening!

The Emoji Movie is already kinda embroiled in some controversy, after its teaser trailer was released to a less than enthusiastic response. It’s got an absolute all star A+ cast though: T.J. Miller, James Corden, Jennifer Coolidge, Maya Rudolph, Ilana Glazer, and, of course, Patrick Stewart himself.

The fact that the golden-voiced man himself has been slated to play the poo emoji seems to be a point in the movie’s favour. It’s a pretty hilarious juxtaposition, being that Stewart is a world-renowned Shakespearean actor who’s basically Hollywood royalty. And now he’s the voice of poo. Another good sign: one of the writers behind the script is Mike White, known for his work on the amazing Freaks and Geeks, School of Rock, and HBO’s Enlightened.

Seems like The Emoji Movie could very easily end up being a great time. At the very least, it’s going to be pretty fun to have Patrick Stewart’s voice in your head every time you use the poo emoji from now on.

The Emoji Movie is out Auguster 4, which you can clearly see in the poster below.