17 Times The OG Pokémon TV Show Hit You In The Honey Nut Feelios

With the recent explosion of Pokémon Go, people are falling in love with the franchise all over again. But before fans had the app game, they had the ’90s TV series Pokémon: Indigo League.

While none of its episodes compare with the time Pikachu futilely kept trying to revive a petrified Ash in Pokémon: The First Movie—bursting into tears when he couldn’t do it—the TV show still had plenty of sob-worthy moments, both overtly sad and happy, that just made your tiny heart soar.

1. When Charmander Almost Died


Abandoned by his trainer, Charmander sat outside in the rain, trying to keep his fire tail from going out. He was soon attacked by a trio of asshole Spearows.


2.When Meowth Was Hung from a Tree Because He Was Just Trying to Get Something to Eat


During Meowth’s origin story, he shared how hungry he was, and mistook a basket of baseballs for food. When the baseball team caught him, they tied him up and left him hanging from a tree. He cried himself to sleep. Dark.


3. When Meowth Learned to Walk and Talk to Impress Meowzie


Meowzie called Meowth a “freak” and broke his heart into teeny, tiny pieces. Later, he fought for her against Persian and she showed her gratitude by staying with Persian. She’d never wanted to be with a “walking, talking freak Meowth.”


4. When Horsea Was Beaten up by a Giant Tentacruel


Poor Horsea suffered a black eye and was later bitchslapped by Tentacruel.


5.When That Giant Tentacruel and a Horde of Tentacools Had to Fight to Save Their Home


Nastina thought destroying the water Pokémon’s habitat in favour of building her theme park was a totally OK idea.


6.When the Trainers Learned a Breeding Centre Was Mistreating Pokémon


Thinking it was a place people could temporarily leave their Pokémon to evolve, Ash and his friends discovered it was really a way for Team Rocket to steal the pocket monsters instead.


7.When Pikachu Almost Died


This happened in the very first episode! As Pikachu lay dying on the ground, Ash tried to protect him from more asshole Spearows. Then, Pikachu miraculously jumped in and saved Ash while dramatic music played.


8.When Ash Learned Brock’s Father Left Him and His 10 Brothers and Sisters


This was why Brock hadn’t been able to go and train at regional gyms; he had to give up his life to take care of his siblings.


9.When Sabrina’s Father Lamented About Losing His Daughter


Gym leader Sabrina pushed her parents away to focus on her psychic abilities, and obviously, her dad missed her like crazy.


10. When James Recounted the Story About His Childhood


Hungry and tired, Young James fell to the ground and didn’t think he was gonna make it. His Growlithe, nicknamed Growlie, licked his face and then howled into the night, filled with pain.


11.When James Ran Away from His Rich Family Because They Expected Him to Marry a Horrible Girl


James hated all the upper-class society rules and felt like he couldn’t take it any longer.


12.When Pikachu Almost Died, Again


While this wasn’t nearly as traumatic as that first episode, Pikachu did get an apple stuck in his throat and the Pokémon Centre was too far away. So, they had to take Pikachu to a hospital for humans instead.


13.When Metapod Saved Ash from a Beedrill Attack


This occurred right before Ash promised he’d never abandon his friends (humans and Pokémon) again, which caused Metapod’s eye to sparkle with happiness.


14.When Tommy, A.K.A. the “Kangaskhan Kid,” Thought His Parents Sacrificed Themselves so He Could Live


It turned out, they didn’t actually die, but there were some tense moments when everyone thought they’d met their demise.


15.When Ash Tried to Get Rid of Pikachu


Granted, his intentions were noble, but come on. It was like watching that scene in Air Bud all over again. Ash thought Pikachu would be better off with his own kind, so he left him and told him to stay, much to Pikachu’s confusion and dismay.


16.When Ash’s PokéMon Huddled Around Him to Keep Him Warm


Remember the time Ash, Pikachu, Charmander, and more got trapped in a cave during a snowstorm? In order to keep their trainer from freezing to death, Ash’s Pokémon used their body heat for survival.


17.When Ash Loved Butterfree by Letting Him Go so He Could Mate


We had to endure a montage of Ash’s whole experiences with Butterfree over the years, or was it months? Time is weird on this show. Ash was crying, Butterfree was crying, we were all crying.