Nintendo Fans Are Still Waiting For That Pokémon RPG Announcement


It feels like it’s been years since Nintendo sent Switch players the survey that revealed an upcoming, currently unnamed “Pokémon RPG” game; since dangling this respective carrot in the faces of all Pokémon fans, Nintendo has been constantly in the news for everything but the reputed Switch game—first with their announcement of a new Mario movie, and then with Pokémon Go’s release of generation 3 Pokémon. At every turn, Nintendo refuses to give fans the information we want to hear.

The last fresh Pokémon titles released were Ultra Sun and Moon—games that (according to IGN) will be the last Pokémon RPG games made for the 3DS console. Having allegedly pushed the old handhelds to the limits of their capabilities, Nintendo aims to transfer the beloved series to the Switch. Still, aside from knowing it’s “in development,” fans have heard virtually nothing about the next game in the series.

With the crowd holding their breath, it’s no surprise that the Pokémon GO’s Pokémon additions were met with frustrated sighs. We can only hope that this RPG finds ways to break whatever limits Nintendo saw in the 3DS with the Switch, a console that has already been proven to be amazing.