A Planet Of The Apes Virtual Reality Experience Is In The Works

Sci-fi fans may not have to wait until July for another addition to the Planet of the Apes universe.

A Planet of the Apes virtual reality experience is just one upcoming project that was confirmed after 20th Century Fox announced it will be working with the Fox Networks Group. Together, they’ll establish FoxNext, a new division of Fox that will deal with the creation of video games, augmented reality productions, and other modes of alternative, immersive storytelling.

FoxNext, headed by Fox executive Salil Mehta, will be releasing several VR experiences in the near future. Some of the experiences will be produced in collaboration with the creators behind the VR app Within, who have already released Mr. Robot and Saturday Night Live VR experiences, among others.

Within CEO Chris Milk will be directing and producing the Planet of the Apes experience and will also be producing other original VR content for FoxNext with the help of director and producer Spike Jonze (Her, Where The Wild Things Are).

Earlier this month, Fox announced that an Apes VR experience is currently in the works and will be produced by Imaginati Studios. However, the Within experience is separate from the Imaginati experience and, according to Milk, they “couldn’t be more different” from one another.

It’s unclear whether or not the Apes VR experience will be directly linked to the upcoming War of the Planet of the Apes feature film, but if the visual effects for the VR experience are half as good as the effects that were created for the films, we’re definitely in for a treat.