Meet Pixar’s Newest Cool Kid: Sanjay

Disney-Pixar is introducing a much more mystical set of superheroes with its newest short film. Scooch over there, Thor.

Sanjay’s Super Team, which will screen with The Good Dinosaur, features a Hindu boy named Sanjay who loves his Saturday morning cartoon routine, but his dad has other plans for how to spend his free time: Prayers.

This first clip from the pic, released by Disney UK yesterday, shows the volume wars little Sanjay engages in with pops before his dad pulls the trump card and shuts the whole show down. Womppppp.

Sanjay’s Super Team was directed by Pixar artist Sanjay Patel, and it is based upon his own experiences as an American youth growing up in the home of a devotional Hindu family.

Patel told The Los Angeles Times that his “parents’ whole world revolved around their gods, the Hindu deities” and that he felt that their “worlds were diametrically apart.” He even wanted to ditch his birth name and have people call him Travis.

But things change. And Sanjay IRL began to embrace his Indian heritage, which means this story comes equipped with real feely moments as Pixar Sanjay begins to do the same.

As he engages in meditation with his dad, after the events of this preview clip, Sanjay’ll start imagining the deities he’s been hearing about all his life as some god-like Avengers, which is when his imagination gets cool on celestial levels.

The Good Dinosaur stomps into cinemas November 25, 2015.