Calgary Expo Report: Peter Capaldi Thinks The Next Doctor Should Be…

Everyone wants to know which actor will replace Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi after he makes his exit in this year’s Who Christmas special. Kris Marshall (Love Actually) is rumoured to be the favourite, but when Capaldi himself was asked who he’d like to see fill his own shoes at this past weekend’s Calgary Expo, he described someone that sounded a lot like… himself.

Listing the attributes required of a proper Thirteenth Doctor, Capaldi said, “There’s an actor who’s quite outstanding. He has a curious sort of quality about him. There’s a sort of arrogance and slight quirkiness… he’s got beautiful hair. His name is Peter Capaldi.”

Of course, the answer was a deft way to dodge a loaded question—Capaldi can’t reveal who the next Doctor will be or weigh in on who it should have been—but for Who fans, his reply was a bit like being dumped and then having your ex tell you that the next person you should date is them… only you know there’s no chance of that happening. It burns.

Capaldi has already filmed his regeneration scene though, which means this long goodbye will get progressively worse. “It’s quite emotional,” he said after being asked about what it was like to read over the final few scripts. “Because you know that it’s the beginning of the goodbye. It’s sad. And it’s only going to get sadder.”

The actor, who’s been a fan of the show since he was a kid, talked about how he’d been asked to audition for the role back in the ‘90s—when the made-for-TV Who movie premiered. Capaldi explained that he declined the audition because he couldn’t bear the idea of losing out on the part, which eventually went to Withnail and I’s Paul McGann.

Reflecting on his three-year stint in the TARDIS, Capaldi said that the best part of being the Doctor was “all of it” but especially “being at the centre of 50 years of affection for the character”—and that not to worry, “Doctors never really go.”