Who Should Replace Peter Capaldi As The Doctor?

Another day, another Doctor leaving the show.

Part of the magic of Doctor Who is The Doctor’s ability to regenerate into a brand-new form, allowing a new actor to take up the role. With last weekend’s announcement that the upcoming tenth season of the rebooted Doctor Who would be Peter Capaldi’s last, we’re left to speculate about who could take up the mantle of one of the most beloved sci-fi characters of all time.

It’s been over 10 years since the show’s modern reboot in 2005, and we’ve seen four Doctor’s in that time. There’s already been news of a reshuffle behind the scenes, as it was announced that Chris Chibnall will take over as showrunner from Steven Moffat after Capaldi’s final season. They’ve already proved on the show that it’s possible for Time Lords to regenerate into a different gender and race, so maybe it’s finally time for The Doctor to break from tradition and get a completely new look.

Check out our tops picks of who we think should play The Doctor next,t and save the date for the next season of Doctor Who when it premieres on April 15.

Ben Whishaw

A bookie favourite to nab the role, Whishaw is best known for his role as Q in Daniel Craig’s James Bond. His geeky demeanour would lend well to a Matt Smith-style Doctor, though the last time the role was cast, he said: “I don’t think you can be Q and Doctor Who. It would be a bit wrong.” Wrong or not Whishaw is a pretty safe bet as he embodies what many fans love to see in The Doctor.

Olivia Colman

Having worked with the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, and incoming Doctor Who show boss Chris Chibnall on Broadchurch, it seems Colman has the inside scoop on the role. The British actress would be perfect as the first female Doctor and her Broachchurch days would help her continue the darker tone Capaldi has created.

Hayley Atwell

The Marvel star already tweeted about wanting to be The Doctor back in 2015. Atwell has proven she can lead a show with Agent Carter and Conviction, so the actor is primed to take on one of the most prestigious roles on television.

Richard Ayoade

As a comedian Ayoade would add a lighter atmosphere to the sci-fi series.,he’s proved his comedic chops on The IT Crowd and seems ready to take on a bigger role that will help make him a household-name.

Miranda Hart

Another of the bookkeepers favourites to get the role, Hart is a British comedian known for her roles on Call the Midwife and as star and creator of her show Miranda—which is definitely one of the funniest shows you’ve maybe never seen. Her ability to channel darker themes as she does on Call the Midwife and her genuine comedic chops would be a nice balance for the new Doctor.

Rupert Grint

The Doctor’s biggest wish might actually come true and he’ll regenerate as a ginger. The Harry Potter alum shines with his self-deprecating humour which would be an interesting change for a character whose biggest flaw is often his lack of humility.

Gwendoline Christie

The Game of Thrones breakout star has since found roles in two of the biggest film franchises, Star Wars and The Hunger Games. Adding another beloved series to her roster wouldn’t be a stretch and the actress would rule as a darker and more controversial Doctor whose decisions we may not always agree with.

Idris Elba

This may be a long shot but we’re still holding out hope. Elba’s name has been thrown around for years to take on the role of The Doctor. His smooth and charming demeanour would make an interesting change from the often bumbling Doctor. The actor is also a fan-favourite to play the next James Bond, so we’ll have to wait and see which iconic British role he favours.

Keisha Castle-Hughes

The only non-British actor on our list, at only 26 this New Zealander has proved her acting chops in her roles in Whale Rider and Game of Thrones. A younger female Doctor would be a completely fresh direction for the series.

Riz Ahmed

Ahmed shot to stardom last year thanks to his roles in Jason Bourne, The Night Of, and Rogue One. Though he had a prolific year, the British actor isn’t new to the game and his name was tossed around as potential Doctor last time the role was up for grabs. Besides acting, Ahmed has a successful hip-hop career as a member of the Swet Shop Boys… and rapping Doctor might just be weird enough to work.

Thandie Newton

Newton already proved her sci-fi skills in last year’s Westworld, so going from robots to aliens wouldn’t be too far of a stretch for this seasoned actor. Newton would add maturity and gravitas to a role that often verges into silly.