Is Pepsi Going Back To The Future?

One of the very best moments in Robert ZemeckisBack to the Future Part II is obviously when Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) strolls into Café ’80s.

And not just because of this far-out Elijah Wood cameo:

back to the future

Or because Michael Jackson appears as a video waiter:


Ever since I first saw this scene, I’ve always wanted to order a “vitamin-enriched” Pepsi Perfect in one of those clear plastic tubes with a funky blue lid and build-in straw. Totally worth $50 if it can pop up from the countertop in front of my mouth.


Why all the Back to the Future love? October 21, 2015 is the exact day Marty strolled into the nostalgic bar and ordered that lovely beverage. What’s even more exciting is that a possibly leaked image (courtesy of Back to the Future wiki) could mean Pepsi is planning to sell their cola in a Pepsi Perfect bottle in tandem with the big date.


Great Scott, that’s tasty news!