Meet The Next Doctor Who Companion To Get The Keys To The TARDIS

The Twelfth Doctor officially has a new companion. Pearl Mackie will step aboard the TARDIS next season to become the Doctor’s right hand time traveller. BBC revealed the news during the broadcast of a big semi-final soccer match today, launching the relatively unknown British stage actor into sci-fi stardom.

Doctor Who_BBC credit_photographer Ray Burmiston_1 .jpg

The guessing game reached new heights last night when Radio Times reported that Peter Capaldi had been spotted checking out Pearl’s stage acting chops at a production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, a theatrical adaptation of writer Mark Haddon’s 2003 mystery novel.

After that, evidence that it was Mackie who’d won the role continued to pile up: British bookies had her pegged as the 4/6 odds favourite and RT’s examination of her Twitter account found that the actor began following former Who companions Jenna Coleman and Freema Agyeman in quick succession.


The network put all the speculation to an end today in a two-minute-long clip that shows Mackie and Capaldi’s characters on the run from (who else?) the Daleks. As the Doctor struggles to make her understand how dangerous his greatest enemy really is, his new companion can’t seem to get past their (admittedly ridiculous) looks. Here’s what we learned about her from the video:

Her name is Bill. Not Billie. Bill.


She’s quick. She’s just met the Doctor and she’s already questioning the efficiency of “the deadliest alien war machine ever devised.” Why do the Daleks say ‘exterminate’ when ‘kill’ is so much more succinct? Though the Doctor has his own counterpoint for that argument.


They’re destined for an adventure set in the very near future: 2017 (aka “now” by the time the new season airs)….


…That is, if they both make it out of this situation in one piece.


Check out the video for yourself and get acquainted with your next Doctor Who companion.

The clip, released simultaneously on television and social media, obviously made big waves. The hashtags #Doctorwhocompanion and #Newcompanion have been trending on Twitter since early this morning as Whovians demonstrated their Eleventh-Doctor-like impatience.

When the news finally broke, it did not disappoint.

Of course it’s impossible to please everyone…

But this has to be the tweet that best expresses how we feel about the casting decision.