Wonder Woman’s Patty Jenkins And Chris Pine Reunite For One Day She’ll Darken


Mike Coppola / Staff

Steve Trevor tragically sacrificed himself in last year’s Wonder Woman to prevent thousands of innocent bystanders from being poisoned with mustard gas. Fortunately, the man who brought Steve to life lived to see another day—and is now collaborating with Wonder Woman’s superstar director to bring us a brand new mystery miniseries.

Directed by Patty Jenkins, One Day She’ll Darken (working title) stars Chris Pine and Underworld Awakening‘s India Eisley. The series follows Fauna Hodel (Eisley), a young woman who was given away at birth, as she begins to investigate the secrets to her past and follows a sinister trail that brings her increasingly closer to infamous Hollywood gynecologist Dr. George Hodel (The Americans‘ Jefferson Mays). Very intriguing. Pine plays Jay Singletary, a former Marine-turned entertainment reporter, and serves as co-executive producer alongside Jenkins, writer Sam Sheridan and Spotlight‘s Michael Sugar. Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams‘ Jay Paulson and Connie Nielsen, Pine’s Wonder Woman co-star, both have supporting roles.

One Day She’ll Darken will span six hour-long episodes and premiere on Bravo this fall. We don’t know much beyond that just yet, but Jenkins brought us one of the most popular and widely-talked about superhero movies of 2017 (and undoubtedly the best DCU movie so far) so we’re relatively confident that One Day She’ll Darken will be a mystifying, spine-tingling force to be reckoned with. And with any luck we’ll get a surprise Gal Gadot cameo—maybe watching the Wonder Woman trailer again will help make it happen?