Pandora’s Priscilla Quintana Talks Jax, Comic-Con, And The Upcoming Season 1 Finale


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Over the past few years, Prisicilla Quintana has landed small roles in TV shows like Lethal Weapon, Training Day, and Masters of Sex. Her turn as Pandora‘s Jax, however, marks the first time the young actress has led a series of her own.

We caught up with Quintana to talk about her first time at San Diego Comic-Con, her allegiance to #TeamRalen, and what she hopes will happen in the Pandora Season 1 finale.

Space: This is really the first TV show in which you’ve played a regular, lead role. How does it feel to have that kind of responsibility?

Priscilla Quintana: It is a huge responsibility! I’m treating it as a lesson, sortof like a training boot camp.  I’ve never been on set so regularly for such an extended period of time, so it’s more my “home” than my actual home is at the moment. I’ve learned a ton, both about myself and working with different personalities and how the set operates. The set is one moving organism with hundreds of small parts that come together to make it work. Though I am the lead of the “face” of the team, I’m still just a small part in the grand scheme of things. So I do my best to come in prepared and positive, so that all the other moving parts around me are able to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.  

In interviews you’ve said that you and Jax are a lot alike. In what ways are you not alike?

She’s about a thousand times braver than I am, that’s for sure! I’d say she’s definitely developed into being a bit more of a hot head than I am, too. She’s calming down now, but in the beginning anything could set her off. She’d been through major, major trauma, which is where I think a lot of her rebellion came from, but now that she’s settled and finding her own way again, I have high hopes that she will mellow out a bit while still remaining strong and fierce. I’m also very impulsive in real life, but she’s just a whole other level! The real Priscilla would just never jump through a portal without knowing what’s on the other side (maybe unless it smelled like garlic bread…).  


Which scene and/or episode from Season 1 are you most excited for fans to see, without giving too much away?

I really enjoyed shooting Episode 107 because it was such a physical and mental transformation and the stunts were insane. I loved that it was sexy and risqué but still totally badass. Jax really shows what she’s capable of in that episode. I’m also definitely excited for 12 and 13. I think that’s when a lot of pieces of the puzzle will start to come together for Jax. Also, stunts are my absolute favourite part of working on set, and from what I hear, it sounds like there’ll be some major fights coming up, which I’m so excited for!  

What has surprised you most about the fan reaction to the show and to your character? And what was it like being at San Diego Comic-Con for the first time—on a panel for your own show, no less?

I love the fan reactions! I don’t have a Twitter, but my castmates constantly send things in the group chat that the fans say on Twitter and it is hilarious. I love when the fans get passionate about a character dying or if a character’s storyline isn’t going how they thought it would. Some reactions are good and some are bad, but as long as we’re making the audience feel, I think that’s what’s most important. 


Being at Comic-Con was just so unreal! We came straight from set, hopped on a plane, got two hours of sleep, and just went all day long. It was exhilarating, exhausting, and the best time ever. My castmates are some of the funniest, kindest, silliest people ever, so spending a weekend with them doing anything is just a dream. The panel and meeting the fans afterwards was the highlight of the trip for me. Seeing people who were so die-hard for us after only ONE episode gave us such hope and confidence in what we’re doing. I just adore them—none of this would be happening if it wasn’t for them.  

According to footage from Comic-Con, you still haven’t read the Season 1 finale script. If that’s still the case, what’s on your season finale wish list?

I have not! I really hope Jax and Ralen sort their stuff out, I’m still #TeamRalen alllllll the way (sorry Oliver, if you read this)! I also hope that Jax gets closer to finding out what happened to her parents. I have a hunch that they aren’t her actual parents. If she’s not full human, maybe they found her and raised her as their own? I really have no idea, but I think that could be an interesting twist. Also, I love Jax and Atria’s friendship, I would love to see more of them kicking ass together. I think that Atria has some real depth that we haven’t uncovered yet, and I’m hoping that comes to light soon. I also just adore Raechelle Banno who plays Atria Nine, so any excuse to hang more with her and I’m in!


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