Overwatch Is A Great Video Game For People Who Suck At Video Games

If you’re like me—passionate about video games but not actually good at them—Blizzard’s new online multiplayer shooter, Overwatch, is the game for you. The developers behind multiplayer icons World of Warcraft and StarCraft have outdone themselves with this fast-paced, fun, and accessible first-person shooter. Here are some reasons I think Overwatch is the perfect game for someone who sucks at gaming.

It’s All About Teamwork


Unlike more traditional FPS games like, say, Call of Duty and Battlefield, Overwatch does almost all it can to remove emphasis from individual players and focus on strong team collaboration.  Although we also see a bit of this in the aforementioned titles, Overwatch tracks players’ stats according to what’s contributed to the team. Just because you’re not racking up kills doesn’t mean you can’t be your team’s top player.

The Pressure’s Been Lessened


A lot of other, less newbie-friendly multiplayer games display each player’s kills and deaths for all to see. Instead of this anxiety-inducing approach, Overwatch will display a player’s current score and accomplishments against their own past personal bests to ensure everyone’s encouraged to better their skills, rather than be intimidated by more seasoned players.

Characters Galore


This game offers players a choice of 21 unique and smartly designed characters. It also sorts these characters into four groups: offence, defence, tank, and support. New players will already have an idea how to play a character before they’ve even entered the game. Some are easier to use than others, so players may find themselves starting out with the less intensive Roadhog before working their way up to Genji. That said, all the characters are fun to play right out of the gate.

Multiplayer Mayhem Fun


This one shouldn’t really come as a shock to anyone. The game’s just an incredibly well-crafted and enjoyable experience for all. Regardless of the learning curve, it’s great for inexperienced players because it’s great for all players. The character and level design’s superb, the voice acting’s engaging, and the gameplay’s fast-paced while still allowing for slower, more methodical approaches. Casual and experienced gamers can all find something to enjoy with Overwatch.