Orphan Black: The Game Is A Fever-Dream Version Of Your Fave Clone Conspiracy

Dearest Clone Club: it’s time to dig out your sheep masks and get ready to spend the weekend glued to your iDevice. The creators behind the mega successful Space series have teamed up with Boat Rocker Media to bring you a little something to get you through the wait until Season 5 premieres June 10.

Orphan Black: The Game lets players make their way through a nightmarish, alternate version of the world created by the show. As Sarah or one of her sestras, you’ll get to dodge Neolutionists, evade Dyad operatives, and try to steer clear of sketchy Season 4 paramedics as they relive the series’ most intense stories.

The game, which consists of over 80 levels and 10 different Orphan Black worlds, gives players the option of navigating levels as Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena, Rachel, Beth, MK, Katja, Tony, or (our personal favourite) Krystal. The further along you get in the game, the more clones you can unlock.

“We wanted to create something faithful to the show, but also expand on the universe, so that fans get an enhanced appreciation of the themes and lore,” says James Woods, Chief Technology Officer at Boat Rocker Digital, the aforementioned company that built the game. “These nightmare, fever-dream worlds will give a different kind of spirit to some of our favourite stories and characters.”

You can download Orphan Black: The Game (official hashtag: #OBtheGame) from the iTunes App Store right here and now. But first, check out the game’s teaser trailer below: