Orphan Black Season Premiere Recap: Will The Few Who Dare Be The Same To Survive?

The last time we saw the Clone Club, things weren’t looking so hot. The Season 4 finale had Donnie and Alison on the run from the cops, Helena living in the woods, Sarah stabbed and marooned on Neolution Island with (but also not with) Cosima, and S and Kira taken hostage by Ferdinand. Rachel, however, was moving up in the creepy world of pseudoscience with a big meeting scheduled with the founder himself, the long-lived P.T. Westmorland. So that’s where things stand as we launch into Season 5, Orphan Black’s final installment.

Separately, Cosima and Sarah are stuck in Neolution territory. Cos is at camp Revival, where she reunites with Delphine who’s employed there under some level of duress. Her camp guide, Mud, gives her a tour and Revival’s mission statement: to genetically improve the human race. Err, we know how well that’s worked out for Leda and Castor, but okay. Cos manages to get a bit more out of Mud, too—like the fact that Rachel’s on the island, holed up with Neolution’s 170-year-old founder, Westmorland. Susan’s there too, and it looks like she’ll pull through despite Rachel’s best efforts. Who knows what P.T. will do with Susan, though. They’re not on the best terms.

Sarah, wounded and alone in the woods… no, scratch that. Wounded and in the company of some sort of blood-thirsty monster in the woods, overhears that her sister is at Revival—she heads there, trying to remain undetected. When she meets up with Cosima in the medical trailer, Cos tells her she wants to stay at Revival until she finds some answers.

Sarah takes off for the boathouse, her only way off the island, right before Rachel shows up. Unfortunately, Sarah doesn’t manage to avoid her in the end. Rachel finds her in the boathouse and shoots her with a tranquilizer dart. Not very sisterly if you ask us.

Back on the mainland, some Dyad-hired goons have managed to track down Donnie and  Alison—though they only manage to take Alison. She’s brought to see Art and his new partner, Matty, who’s also (quite inconveniently) in the pocket of Dyad. But it’s not Alison she wants. She threatens Alison, pulls a gun on Art, and promises to hurt his kid if the two of them don’t come up with some information that leads Matty to Helena.

So where’s Helena? Busy saving Donnie’s butt (again) from more goons. Even while pregnant, she comes out on top in the fight, but not without being injured. “Stick in baby” is the best line in the entire episode. Um, definitely get that looked at.

5 questions we have about the Season 5 premiere

1. Does the unseen P.T. Westmorland even exist or is he some sort of Wizard of Oz-type fraud?

2. Rachel seems pretty smug about her new position within Neolution—can she actually be that happy to be reporting to someone or is she playing a power grab long game?

3. What are Delphine’s true feelings about Neolutionism? Is she a believer or just pretending to be one?

4. What the hell is that thing in the woods that attacked Sarah?

5. Seems Ira is still hanging around, deciding which side to take—is he the last living Castor