Watch This Orphan Black Flashback And Look Ahead To The Final Season

Want a look back on the Clone Conspiracy AND a tease of what’s to come in the final instalment of Orphan Black? You’re in luck: two just-released Season 5 trailers offer up both.

In the first minute-long clip we go back to the beginning of it all: Beth heading towards the train, Sarah witnessing her death and ultimately taking her identity—and all the heavy baggage that comes with it. And in case you forgot how ruthless Rachel is, this trailer is a great reminder. “Clones are farmed and monitored lab animals,” she declares. Ah, classic Rachel. Check out the video for 60 seconds of touching sisterly memories and another 30-second sneak peek at what Neolution has in store for the Clone Club.

Feeling totally caught up (because you’ve spent the last month or two binge re-watching the first four seasons? Skip right to the 30-second clip for the straight goods on what to expect from Orphan Black’s final season, featuring Mrs. S and Kira getting kidnapped, Alison also getting kidnapped, and Cosima getting an orientation tour of what looks like a creepy Neo summer camp (a place Delphine calls “the heart of Neolution”).

On the upside, things seem to be going really great for Rachel. Wait, no.