The Future Looks Bleak In This First Look At Orphan Black’s Final Season


Welcome to the final season of Orphan Black, Clone Clubbers. You wanted to peer into the heart of Neolution? You’ve got it. And guess what, it looks a lot like a Leda clone—Rachel, to be precise.

The first trailer for the final season has landed and it would seem that Rachel has regained her position at the top and is poised to pull the kinds of strings that will make her sisters dance like puppets—when Rachel talks about bravery and sacrifice we know she doesn’t mean her own.

When we left them at the end of last season, Sarah, Cosima, Alison, and Helena were all at a disadvantage. Cosima (although reunited with Delphine—yes!) is getting sicker by the day, heavily pregnant Helena is hiding out in the woods with Alison and Donnie, and Sarah is alone and wounded on the Neo-version of the Island of Doctor Moreau.

Season 4 proved that Neolutionism’s power is far reaching (see: Detective Duko). Sarah, her sisters, and their allies now face the nearly impossible task of trying to free themselves from the organization’s tight grasp. Will they make it out alive or will Neolution’s big push towards genetically engineered human perfection spell the end for them?

Watch the teaser below: