Check Out The Latest Orphan Black Season 4 Trailer And Never-Before-Seen Images

We’ve been counting down the days until the return of Orphan Black since before last Christmas, when we knew practically nothing about the new season. Now, as the April 14 premiere date gets closer, the clips, photos, and teasers are coming at us rapid fire and we’re left trying to keep up with all the questions we have about what’s going to happen to the Clone Club.

This latest batch of Orphan-related intel is no different. In a new video, we see the core group of Leda sisters along with Kira, Mrs. S, Donnie, and Felix. And while there’s no big reveal of the promised new clone, things certainly seem to revolve around her.

Here are five things we’re left wondering about:

1. In the beginning of the clip there’s a declaration of war, but how do you fight a war when you don’t know who’s attacking you?

2. It looks like Helena’s pregnancy is coming along. Will she have her baby this season? Will it be… normal?

3. Delphine: dead or alive!? The newest trailer from the BBC made us think she may have survived being shot in that parking garage in the season three finale… but in this clip, Mrs. S isn’t exactly optimistic about her chances.

4. Who exactly is hunting Sarah and what do they want with her? “We’ve been looking for you a long time,” says a faceless voice to Sarah as she struggles to escape whoever’s holding her down. We’ve never been more creeped out by paramedics.

5. That sheep mask: we thought we knew who was wearing it, now we’re not so sure. Is it Sarah? The mysterious new clone? Both of them?

Watch the intriguing new clip below and find out why we’re totally freaking out about all these unanswered questions:

And if that wasn’t enough to pique your clone curiosity, the show has also released a huge batch of photos that hint at, well, we can only guess. Check them out:


Could this season see the emergence of a more responsible, more mature Sarah—like, one that does her own laundry?


…Because it appears as though the typically spick and span Hendrixes have stopped doing theirs. It’s like Freaky Friday up in here.


We don’t want to start any unfounded rumours but word is that Cosima is going to science the shit out of this season.


Uh-oh. There’s that trademark worried face Mrs. S does so well (and so frequently).


And here’s Sarah, likely doing the thing that made Mrs. S make the worried face in the first place.


Welcome to our all-time favourite picture of Alison—unless anybody has a photo of that time she and Donnie jumped on the bed in their underwear while throwing wads of money in the air.


You call that a baby bump? Pfft.


Yeah, we get frustrated putting together Ikea furniture too.


‘No gods, No parents’ is a great motto but it also means there’s no one to lend you the cash to install a door that doesn’t require a screwdriver to latch it.


So what if your foster sister and her clones are being hunted a dark and well-funded force that wants to control and/or end them? It doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your social life.


Wait—Art’s got a kid?


Ferdinand’s Tinder profile reads “Likes: wacky pants and light sado-masochism; Hates: body mods, biohackers, and so-called technoprogressives”.


Um, we don’t have any real medical training, but we’d still say that that paramedic is doing it wrong.


We’re tough. We can handle knowing the contents of that body bag. (So long as it isn’t a Leda clone. Or Delphine. Or Felix. Or… okay you know what, maybe don’t tell us.) Orphan Black returns to Space on Thursday April 14 for a fourth season, but you can catch up on seasons one to three beginning tomorrow on CraveTV.