“From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths” Is An Orphan Black Finale Like We’ve Never Seen Before

Rachel (TATIANA MASLANY) and the Brighborn Board

Wait, what?


An Orphan Black season isn’t supposed to end like this. We’ve been here from the beginning and it’s always been dance parties and family dinners. But this fourth finale has left Sarah alone, the rest of the sestras separated, and us reeling—until… Spring 2017?!

Things started off looking so promising for the Clone Club: a cure was within reach for Cosima, Felix and Art had a lead (courtesy of Krystal) on Delphine’s possible whereabouts (and aliveness), and Donnie and Alison were spending some quality time in nature with a heavily pregnant Helena.


Minutes into the episode, Sarah and S receive word of Cosima’s breakthrough with complete elation, but from there, everything goes downhill. Shuttered away in Susan Duncan’s remote island lab, Cosima goes dark shortly after sharing the big news. Coincidentally, Susan’s also gotten word out about the cell line. To Rachel. Who isn’t power-hungry or psychopathic at all.


Thinking she’s back on top of the Neolution game, Susan begins to plot the restarting of the cloning program. But just as she’s betrayed Cosima, Rachel has plans to betray her. Following Evie Cho’s unfortunate end (death by bot, RIP), Rachel has a meeting with the Neo board (who knew they’d be so formal and corporate?) to outline plans for a takeover.

As Rachel heads back to the island to execute (literally?) her task, Sarah forces Ira to reveal its location, fearing the worst for Cosima. Which was a good call, because Cos and Charlotte barely make it out of the house after witnessing Rachel attempt to disembowel her own mother.

Lost in the woods (pro tip: children’s finger paintings don’t make for the most accurate maps) they’re eventually discovered by the mysterious ‘Messenger’. He takes them back to his island outpost where Cos is reunited with Delphine. Too bad she’s hypothermic and near death.


Sarah gets to the island too late to help Cosima get off of it but in time to have her opinion of Rachel confirmed: definitely a total psycho. Rachel gets stabby with Sarah too, wounding her in the leg and taking off with Cos’ research all because Susan couldn’t bring herself to shoot her own daughter—no matter how much she regrets making her.


With Sarah alone and wounded on the island and Cosima in the less than friendly seeming  hands of The Messenger and co, things are looking bad for the sestras. Where’s Helena with her bow and arrow now?

In the end, we’re left with a single triumphant clone: Rachel, on the brink of her first meeting with the man who began it all: the father of Neolutionism himself, PT Westmoreland.