Orphan Black Picks Up The Pace With A New Trailer That’ll Make Your Heart Pound

Buckle up, Clone Clubbers: BBC’s second Orphan Black season four trailer is intense.

Where to start? With the clip’s soundtrack that feels like a remix we’d title “All Sarah’s Screams”? With the appearance of a sleek blonde gym bunny clone we’re guessing must be Krystal? With the multiple clone pregnancies? With the good, long look we finally get at the new sestra, M.K.?

There’s a lot going on—and it’s all working to get us completely psyched for the new season, in which Sarah returns to the metaphorical scene of Beth’s suicide in an attempt to finally get some answers about her own origins. But if Beth’s end taught us anything, it’s that the questions Sarah and her sisters want answers to are dangerous ones to ask.

According to M.K., the only safe clone is a dead clone (or, at least, a clone everyone thinks is dead). So break out your sheep masks and prepare yourself for some serious suspense. This is Orphan Black, after all. Here’s the new trailer to go along with yesterday’s cast announcement:

Thursday, April 14 is the big day. Tune in to Space at 10pm for the season four premiere of Orphan Black.