Orphan Black Recap: A Finale To Right The Wrongs Of Many

An intense game of mad scientist cat and very pregnant mouse kicks off the series-ending episode of Orphan Black, with Virginia Coady (not dead—yet) and P.T. Westmorland attempting to corner Sarah and Helena in the basement of their secret, Dyad-adjacent facility.

It’s a fairly evenly matched contest, with Helena labouring hard (finally!), Coady battered and bloody, and P.T. ailing and hopped up on pharmaceutical grade meth—which, by the way, seems to really be affecting his judgement.

Hard drug use aside, P.T. is on his last legs. It makes him all the more dangerous, because a man with nothing to lose will stop at nothing to win. Lucky for Sarah, she’s a decent shot. But while Sarah is dealing with PT., an alone and in labour Helena is discovered by Coady, who ropes in Art to help deliver the babies. You can make people do all kinds of things when you’re holding a gun.

Even in labour, Helena is crafty as ever. She finishes Coady off for good just in time for Sarah to return and help deliver the twins, Arthur and Donnie Jrs. The birth of Helena’s two boys is intercut with Sarah’s own flashbacks to Kira’s birth, with S at her side the entire time. Sniff.

Gradually, life settles down for the sestras. At a baby shower for Helena, New York’s newest art star (that’d be Felix) arranges for a very special gift to be delivered—by Rachel, who stays in the back of her Uber driver’s car, unwelcome and unwilling to meet more of her genetic offspring.

The envelope she gives to Fe, however, is the day’s best present: a list, stolen from Dyad, containing the names, addresses, and medical records of all 274 (!!!) Leda clones. It’s a major contribution to the project Delphine and Cosima have taken on, working to locate and inoculate the remaining Ledas.

Only Sarah is still visibly struggling with the aftermath of what happened to the sestras.

She’s unable to deal with her grief over losing S and wants to sell the house they all lived in so that she and Kira can leave town (read: run away… again). But the pair have a huge family now, and they aren’t about to let her disappear.

As Helena reads her Orphan Black memoirs (written in Ukrainian, naturally) aloud at the baby shower, we see Sarah’s resolve to run melt away. We think that’s what you call a happily ever after.