Orphan Black Recap: One Fettered Slave Means No One’s Free

Neolutionism has never looked more brutal than in the second-to-last (ever!) episode of Orphan Black. It seems that the entire movement has been a vanity project to keep P.T. Westmorland young (or alive, at least).

With his health failing (and his morphine doses skyrocketing), OB’s mad scientist is willing to do whatever it takes to save himself. That includes ordering Coady to kill Mark, the last remaining Castor, and to see to it that Helena’s babies make their way into the world—even if it means cutting them out ahead of schedule. The boss wants cord blood. Now. It’s up to Sarah to intervene.

In Coady’s clutches, Helena drifts in and out of the present, flashing back to her time in an Eastern European orphanage run by nuns who do not like their (ahem) private time interrupted. At least we know what happened to Helena’s hair. We also get the backstory on how Helena ultimately became an expert assassin controlled by the Proletheans. And addicted to chocolate.

With a warning from Kira that Helena’s babies are coming, Sarah takes time out from mourning S to team up with Scott and Art and stage a rescue.

Using Rachel as bait (or, more accurately, Sarah as Rachel as bait—isn’t it nice that they’ve finally learned to work together?), Sarah infiltrates Dyad and is almost instantly unmasked by Westmorland. He’s about to end her when Coady bursts in with a very good reason to let her live (for a bit). If it weren’t for Helena’s suicide attempt and her desperate need for a transfusion, Sarah would have been a goner.

In the basement of the converted asylum next door to Dyad, Sarah gives her blood to Helena and Helena comes to. Her first order of business now that she’s conscious? Smashing Coady’s head into a metal table until she’s dead. Come on, she had it coming. The woman euthanized her only remaining adopted son earlier on in the episode.

As Sarah and Helena make a break for it, something else finally breaks, too: Helena’s water.

5 questions about this week’s episode

1. Will this Sarah/Rachel truce last? Will Rachel get an invite to the end-of-series Clone Club party? We’re getting one of those, right?

2. What are the chances said party will involve Donnie and some traditional Highland dancing?

3. Helena’s twins: girls, boys, or one of each? And what about names? We’re placing a bet on Siobhan for one of them.

4. Westmorland’s still breathing. Who’s in charge of dealing with that?

5. Clone conspiracy or no clone conspiracy, who the hell is going to keep Sarah and Felix in line now that S is really gone?