Orphan Black Recap: Intellectual Property And Ease For Idle Millionaires

Crashing a dinner party is never not awkward but Cosima ups the uncomfortableness to new levels in this week’s episode of Orphan Black. When Delphine is summoned to dine with P.T. Westmorland, Susan, and Rachel, Cos insists on coming along to the black tie affair. The dinner goes really, really well. We’re joking. Of course it doesn’t, but Cosima does get some crucial information out of Neolution’s trio of evil geniuses.

Delphine has been playing the long game against P.T. and his pseudo-science, digging up dirt on one of Neolutionism’s earliest experiments: genetic tinkering with a subject procured from an orphanage in a tiny Eastern European country that amounted to torture and resulted in a tragic mutation. That’s what’s out in the woods—the thing that attacked Sarah and has the inhabitants of Revival on high alert was once just a normal kid called Yannis.

Similarly, Rachel may have once been just a normal kid called Rachel—now she’s a manipulative, secretive, conniving monster called Rachel. That moment where she digs her fingers into Susan’s wound (the same wound SHE inflicted)? Brutal. The question is: will she eventually get a taste of her own medicine? We know P.T. views Cosima and Yannis as his intellectual property—could his views on Rachel really be that different, or is he just pretending they are?

Maybe Rachel is simply a tool that he’s using to get to Kira—we now know that it’s Sarah’s daughter that has the coveted accelerated healing gene mutation first discovered in Yannis. And thanks to Delphine, who stopped in on her way to meet Felix and Adele in Geneva, Mrs. S knows it too. Damn. Delphine’s long game is so on point. Here’s hoping she and the rest of the Clone Club can win it before Rachel implants the eggs she wants to harvest from Kira in hundreds of surrogates. Because we know how well that turns out.

Back at the House On Haunted Hill (aka P.T.’s place), Cosima and Mud are trying to find Yannis before the pitchfork-carrying villagers can. They do—back in the cell the Neolutionists used to keep him in. Whimpering and injured, Yannis’ fate is placed in Cosima’s hands. She can shoot him and end his misery or cling to the little hope there is in trying to help him. It’s Cosima, so of course she decides to help him, which is when P.T. does what he calls “the ethical thing” and puts a bullet in Yannis’ head. Then he locks Cos in his old cell—is that doing the ethical thing, too?

5 questions about this week’s episode

1. What does Rachel getting injections from P.T. do to her self-esteem considering it’s built on the idea that she’s the one and only autonomous clone?

2. Ira’s finally shown signs of succumbing to the Castor clone glitch. Will a treatment for him be discovered or is it already too late?

3. With Delphine in Geneva, Cosima doesn’t have too many friends on the island—how is she going to get out of P.T.’s basement prison?

4. Ayesha, the young cancer patient at Revival, is discovered to be getting gene therapy treatment instead of chemo—and it seems to be working. Is there something to this Neo-science after all?

5. Is harvesting eggs from a little kid the creepiest thing to ever happen on Orphan Black? We say yes.