Orphan Black Recap: Sarah Makes A Huge Sacrifice In The Clutch Of Greed

MK (Tatiana Maslany)

Your odds of coming out on top when you make a deal with the devil are low, but Rachel had Sarah cornered in this second episode of Orphan Black. Caught trying to leave the island, Sarah is tranquilized and shipped back to Dyad where Rachel makes her an offer: her freedom in exchange for the opportunity to bring Kira into the lab once a week for a “non-invasive” (yeah right) study of her unique genetic makeup. Never one for to skip an opportunity to make a rash decision, Sarah tells Rachel where to go—without pausing to consider the fact that with Sarah locked up at Dyad, Rachel is likely to do whatever she wants to Kira.

Eventually, Sarah sees that the deal is her only way out. If she’s free, mother and daughter can at least attempt an escape. With S’s network of smugglers and spies temporarily incapacitated, Sarah’s only hope is finding expert hider, MK. With Scott and Felix’s help, MK and her sheep mask materialize—in Felix’s loft. There, Team Leda begins to formulate a plan to disappear Sarah and Kira.

The rest of the Clone Club remains scattered: Alison is under Art and Matty’s watch, a prisoner of her own craft room. Donnie and Helena are in the hospital having the stick removed from Helena’s pregnant belly. The amniotic sac surrounding one of the twins was punctured in the attack but, without any medical intervention, it’s healed itself, baffling the unfortunate doctor treating Helena. Did she really deserve to have her face pinned to a table with that syringe? Helena really needs to get clear on the difference between Neolution and neonatal.

Cosima’s decision to stay on the island wins her an audience with P.T. Westmorland himself (so he does exist). Westmorland has reviewed her work on the therapy she’s designed for the Leda clones. Telling her that he believes the treatment will be effective, he gives has access to the lab facilities at Revival.

Typical of a woman whose career is on the rise, Rachel appears to be having relationship problems. Ferdinand still wants to be slapped around but Rachel isn’t into it. She’s a changed woman—way more Zen (but still totally evil and manipulative). He takes this rejection out on MK when, after she helps Sarah give him the slip, Ferdinand finds her in Felix’s loft, dressed in Sarah’s Rachel disguise. He kills her in the most brutal way, finally completing his old Helsinki mission.

Kira feels MK’s death when it happens—just as Sarah is trying to smuggle her to safety—and refuses to run.

With Kira agreeing to go back to Dyad, Rachel’s winning streak remains unbroken. Sarah is crushed but S (with help from Delphine) seems to have a plan for the long game.

5 questions about this week’s episode

1. What’s the story behind Mud’s relationship with P.T. Westmorland? She told Cosima that she lives in the big house with him—how and why did that come about?

2. Why is Delphine so insistent that Sarah not know about her meeting with S? What are they planning/discussing and how does it relate to the Clone Conspiracy big picture?

3. What kind of magical self-healing babies is Helena incubating? And where is she going to hide, post-hospital stabbing?

4. Ira isn’t the most decisive or action-oriented guy. Will he be of any help at all now that he’s been shipped off to the island? At least Cosima will have an ally. Maybe.

5. Considering Rachel’s new Zen vibe, will she refer to her split with Ferdinand as a breakup or a conscious uncoupling?