Brightborn’s Dark Secret: Wealthy Clients And “Human Raw Material”

Everyone’s a clone conspiracy theorist these days. At Bright Born particularly, you can’t swing a pregnancy test kit without hitting one. During an information session for prospective parents, no less than three clone clubbers are in attendance—two of whom are clones themselves. When Cosima volunteered to sub in for Alison at a Bright Born orientation with Donnie, no one expected a second Leda to show. We missed you, Krystal. We’re glad to see you’ve been looking after yourself.


With two clones in one public place, you can probably guess that things aren’t going to go smoothly. And you would be correct. Minutes after Donnie and Cosima split up to do their own individual snooping, Krystal comes on the scene, making Donnie look like he’d rather be re-exhuming Dr. Leekie’s body than holding a baby and staring at the face of his wife’s blonde doppleganger.


Of course Donnie knows who (and what) Krystal is, but she’s clueless about him—and he probably wishes he’d kept it that way. After he tails her to Brightborn’s onsite spa, she launches into her well-worn story about the identical twins that kidnapped her, stem-cell-laden cosmetics, Dyad, and Edward Snowden. Donnie takes this as an invitation to confess what he knows about her. She takes that as an invitation to kick his ass.


Things aren’t going much better for Cosima, who fails to recognize Susan Duncan during her first poolside encounter with Neolutionism’s top mad scientist. The second time she and Susan come face to face, Cosima has already discovered Brightborn’s secret: they’re renting the wombs of low-income subjects for gene therapy experiments—to the benefit of their well-off clients.


The results of gene editing gone wrong are not pretty, and neither is Cosima’s current situation (which, let’s be honest, still isn’t as bad as Donnie’s wardrobe situation).


Duncan hauls Cos off to an office where she’s confronted by former Bubble Girl Evie Cho. It’s like being called down to see your school principal, only with real consequences. But just when it seems like they’re about to lock her away in some dark closet for the next decade, Susan makes her an offer of sorts: hand over Kendall, and the Neos might be able to cure that whole on-the-verge-of-death thing for Cosima and the other ailing clones.

While Cos weighs her options, Sarah is back at the safehouse picking fights with Felix. She’s had Scott run a DNA test on him and Adele only to find out that yes, the two really are related. How embarrassing.


At least things are solid between her and Kira, so much so that the kid finally feels comfortable in sharing something big: she’s got a sort of sixth sense for reading Leda clone emotions.

The revelation seems like the natural point for the episode to leave us hanging in suspense until next week, but then we cut to an all-new scene: sexy swim time with Susan and Ira. It’s ironic how seeing them like that caused us to have the same reaction Krystal did when she glimpsed the Castor clone at Brightborn.