Old Orphan Black Enemies Team Up In “The Mitigation Of Competition”


Remind us: isn’t Rachel Duncan and Sarah Manning working together a sign of the coming apocalypse? At least in the Orphan Black universe?

You know you’ve run out of options when the person who had a pencil jammed into her brain through her eyeball agrees to cooperate with the person who pulled the trigger on the DIY pencil-gun. And that’s the recurring theme in this episode: the fact that team Leda has been backed into a corner—and that corner has both Duncans in it.

At least Donnie’s back home.


With Cosima hard at work fertilizing Sarah’s egg with Ira’s sperm (weird, weird, so weird) in a lab at Susan’s secret island compound, Rachel and Ira have landed on Sarah’s turf to help them defeat Evie Cho and her plan to put a gene-editing maggot into the cheek of every man, woman, and child in North America. It’s a plan the Leda sisters take particular offence to, considering that one of its side projects includes dealing with self-aware clones in a way Evie describes as “not so nice.”

Ironically, both sides are after the same thing: a pair of surrogates who escaped the Brightborn complex. Quickly, Sarah and Art learn what Evie already knows—that the video the women took inside the facility of a deformed baby being euthanized will destroy what Neolutionism’s new top scientist is trying to do.


Sarah and Art track the pair to a women’s shelter, but not in time. One of them has already hung herself—or at least that’s what the other cop in Evie’s pocket claims (the defensive wounds on her hands would indicate otherwise). As for the other woman, a run-in with Trina gives Sarah and Art the information they need to track her down… in Evie’s hometown of Tisdale.

Kendra, the other surrogate, was understandably terrified by what she witnessed at Brightborn. Especially since the blind child she recently gave birth to might be considered “imperfect” by the clinic. Sarah and Art find her but can’t convince her to go public with her story. That’s when Rachel’s strong arm tactics actually come in handy. She forces Kendra’s hand by threatening her other child. With Kendra on side, Rachel goes after Evie for her own survival and for revenge. She didn’t take it well when she was told that there was no place for clones in the new Neolutionism.


In the middle of Evie’s big moment, every reporter at her press conference gets a copy of a new, even more damning baby euthanasia video—shot by Rachel and starring Evie. Apparently that new eye is good for more than just receiving broadcasts about swans and a community of strangers living out in the woods.


Speaking of strange people in the woods, one of those returned just in time to save Alison from having her own worm implant. Pregnancy has not dulled Helena’s skill with a bow and arrow.


As if this episode hadn’t already blown our collective minds 100 times over, the final shot may have brought with it the biggest surprise of all. Oh, hello Delphine.