Is “The Antisocialism Of Sex” A Front Row Seat To The Demise Of Project Leda?


The suspense is killing us. With just three episodes left in this newest season of Orphan Black, we still don’t have an answer to one of our burning-est questions: What is with Detective Duko’s earmuffs?

Sure, Art claimed the beating he laid on Evis Cho’s police henchman was for Kendall and Beth, but we bet that it had at least a little bit to do with the earmuffs. How could it not?


That one mystery aside, all kinds of other connections are being made throughout this episode. Mrs. S. and Art figure out that it was Duko behind Kendall’s ruthless execution. Ira and Rachel bond over their equally dire circumstances. The police connect Donnie to the drugs being trafficked out of Bubbles. And Kira and MK connect without anyone knowing about it. Guess that’s what you get when you don’t limit your kid’s screen time.


With Susan Duncan having all but given up her cloning queen crown, Rachel is finally made privy to the secret origins of Neolutionism—and the fact that she’s been locked up at Neo ground zero since her surgeries. With no original and no research, Susan has already conceded the future of the movement to Evie—who sees no future at all for clones.


But while her mother may be drowning her sorrows, we know Rachel, and we know that means there’s still one Duncan left standing in this fight. Well, most of the time anyway.


As for the rest of Leda, they’re pretty busy being crushed under the heaviness of defeat and despair. Sarah’s bender leads her to follow a hallucination of Beth right up to the guard rail of a bridge. Thankfully Felix has reentered the fray. After convincing Cosima not to worm bot herself by giving her hope (courtesy of Krystal) that Delphine might still be alive, he shows up to rescue his adopted sister from the literal edge and convinces her to say goodbye to Beth’s ghost.


At the Hendrix house, Alison is soldiering on through her grief in the exact way we’d expect her to: by hosting a soccer-themed sleepover party for her daughter. It’s a huge success down to the last detail… until the cops show up mid-ghost story to arrest Donnie for trafficking. Bright side: his fellow inmates will probably love having a true raconteur in their midst.


Where’s Helena? No idea. Where’s Cal? Same. What is Mrs. S going to do with that freshly cleaned rifle? And what does MK want with Kira? The questions are piling up as we get closer to this season’s finale. Is anyone else feeling a bit glitchy?