“The Scandal Of Altruism” Reveals How Far Beth Got And How Far Sarah Still Has To Go

Making Susan Duncan look good is no small task but, with her willingness to kidnap, murder, and implant worm bots into the faces of people she barely knows, Evie Cho appears to be giving it her all. Even when she’s taking said bots out of people’s faces, she still manages to be obnoxious about it, telling Sarah that her near-death experience with leaky worm toxins was probably her own fault.


The only reason Evie was willing to extract the thing in the first place was because Sarah and Cosima made the Team Leda decision to hand over Kendall Malone’s DNA. Or some of it, anyway. After Cosima discovers that the cancer cells in Kendall’s body are Leda only, she realizes that they can give Bright Born what they want without perpetuating the Castor line (and the sterilizing pathogen it contains).


So Sarah gets her worm out, Susan and Evie get the DNA plus Cosima’s research, the Ledas get a better chance at a cure for the genetic disease that plagues them, and Ira gets…. uh, totally screwed over.


Without Kendall’s complete DNA, the key to fixing the Castor glitch is still out of reach and Ira, who fears that brand of early death, decides to hasten things along with a bottle of prescription pills that he downs in the bathtub. Did Sarah get to him in time? One thing is certain: she didn’t get to Kendall in time. Evie and Duko beat her to it.


In a single day, Bright Born has destroyed months of Cosima and Scott’s work, killed the Castor and Leda original, and pushed Sarah, in a fit of rage, to drown the only cell samples they have left in bleach. Evie shattering Cosima’s heart into a million pieces by telling her that yes, Delphine is definitely dead, seems like a side project after all that.

Leda’s position in this whole clone conspiracy pyramid has never looked lower. Especially after we learn the truth about Beth’s suicide and what pushed her to take her own life. Evie Cho’s handiwork, once again.

Ironic that the only bright spot in the episode features the dimmest Leda clone. Krystal’s sleuthing around Bright Born’s “targeting of beauty industry professionals” led her right to Art. Art reunites her with Felix and that’s when she finally reveals that she was there that night in the parking garage when Delphine was shot—and all Felix had to do to get the information was get pepper sprayed in the eyes.