We Find Out How MK Operates In “From Instinct To Rational Control”

Orphan Black welcomed MK into the clone club during the season premiere but it’s only now, four episodes in, that we’re getting to know her a bit better. Here’s what we’ve learned:

1. Her name isn’t MK/Mika—it’s Vera.

2. She was at Helsinki—and lived.

3. She hates Ferdinand—see item two.

4. She’s paranoid—like, wire-your-own front-door-with-explosives paranoid.


Not that we can blame her. It may be that MK/Vera knows more about the whole cloning conspiracy and it’s origins than even Sarah does. And Sarah’s the one with a Neolutionist gene-editing worm-bot in her face. (That last bit of information comes courtesy of Cosima and Scott’s exploration of the one they dug out of Dr. Leekie’s rotting head.)


It seems like MK has been putting together pieces of the Neo puzzle for a long time, so when Sarah hands her one (in the form of Ferdinand) it’s no surprise that she seizes the opportunity to avenge the six Leda clones who died at the hands of the Topside cleaner in Helsinki.


Poor Ferdinand. All he wanted was to find Rachel and run away with her to eat fluffy frittatas and formulate a plan to regain their position as the most evil power couple in the OB universe. Instead, Rachel’s still stuck in Susan Duncan’s bat cave with a diluted Castor clone and a dying Charlotte, while Ferdinand is robbed of his millions and turned into a human Molotov cocktail by MK.

And he isn’t the only one on MK’s shit list. She isn’t exactly happy with Sarah either after discovering that she swallowed the bitter pill that is cooperating with an ex-Topsider in order to find a way get dewormed (and live). MK tells Sarah they’re through, which is a bit unfair considering that she’s not the one with the involuntary worm implant.

While Sarah is dealing with this drama, Alison, Donnie, and Felix are doing some detective work at Lifespring Fertility.


Tipped off by a Club Neolution regular who mistook her for Beth, Alison investigates the clinic and it’s ties to Neolutionism, wrangling Donnie and Felix to help her. The two men pose as a couple interested in Lifespring’s secret “Bright Born” technology, which sounds an awful lot like the genetic engineering Susan Duncan told Rachel she’s been working on.

Meanwhile, back at the Hendrix household, a very pregnant Helena is holding a private funeral for her tank of little unborn science babies, burying it in the yard and topping the tank’s grave with a silver glitter cross before taking her stuff and disappearing. Again.