Ocean’s 8 Proves That The Thrill Of The Heist Is Genetic (And Fun)


Ocean’s 8, the fourth film in the crime/comedy franchise, is unmistakably a member of the Ocean’s family. In this most recent Rat Pack reincarnation, the gang is girls only but the setup is the same: a mission impossible heist, a massive payoff, cameras covering every inch of the prize, and a team of cons up for any challenge.

We even start off with an Ocean at a parole hearing promising to be good. Instead of George Clooney’s Danny, we get Sandra Bullock’s Debbie, who got lucky and wound up in a prison with a really nice cosmetics counter—either that, or  she’s been wearing that same eyeliner for all five years of her stint in the slammer.

What’s the first thing this Ocean does after she’s released? Hits up Bergdorf’s, naturally (or knocks it over). And the second thing? Starts organising her next heist. Ocean makes ‘to rob’ lists like most people make grocery lists and the next item she intends to pick up is a Cartier necklace so valuable it’s spent the last 40 years in an underground safe. Reuniting with her (literal) partner in crime, played by Cate Blanchett, Bullock’s character begins to pitch her pal on the plan she’s been working on for five years.


Swap casinos for the Met Gala and Clooney’s Brat Pack for an eclectic, all-female cast (including Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, Rihanna, and Helena Bonham Carter) and you’ve got a very on-trend Ocean’s update. Paulson is tres charming as a kale-smoothie-making suburban mom whose skills as a fence have left her with a garage full of Keurigs, Sodastreams, and Louis Vuitton luggage for the discerning ‘this just fell off the truck’ shopper.

Anne Hathaway does a very funny caricature of the media’s perception of Anne Hathaway, and Rihanna is an unflappable hacker who goes by the name of Nine Ball (at one point she’s disguised as one of the Met’s cleaning staff—it seems safe to say that Ocean’s 8 will be your only opportunity to see that).


There’s also a barrage of cameos to please fans of both the Met Gala’s red carpet event (think Hadids, Kardashians, a Wintour—it’s her party after all) and of the previous Ocean’s movies. In short, if you like the previous movies, you’ll like this sequel. We do, however, have one complaint: could the film’s producers have considered giving this fourth movie to a female director for a change? Did they not get the Time’s Up memo or did they just not read it all the way through? Instead, The Hunger Games director Gary Ross gets the job. Sigh.

Ocean’s 8 is in theatres June 8. Check out the trailer below.