Occult Thriller Salem Premieres April 20



What if there really were witches in Salem? That’s the premise behind Salem, a new supernatural thriller premiering Sunday, April 20 at 9e 6p on Space. Starring Shane West (ER) as a dashing U.S. war veteran and Janet Montgomery as his estranged—and enchanted—wife, the series imagines 17th-century Massachusetts as a place where the only thing more dangerous than the witch hunters were the witches themselves. And, of course, with all these occult seductresses walking around in long dresses and bonnets, this was also a very sexy time in American history.

Here’s more details from the press release:

In the premiere episode of Salem, after 10 years of service fighting in the French and Indian War, John Alden (Shane West) returns to his home in Salem, Massachusetts, intent on reuniting with his love, Mary (Janet Montgomery). Upon his arrival, he is stunned to discover that the town has been swept up in a wave of witch-hunt hysteria, and that Mary has married the town’s richest and most powerful resident.

Montgomery stars as Mary Sibley, Salem’s most powerful enchantress, and West as handsome, hardened war veteran John Alden. Salem also stars Seth Gabel (Arrow) as local aristocrat Cotton Mather, who fans the flames of Salem’s witch hunt, and Ashley Madekwe (Revenge) as Mary’s mysterious accomplice and confidante, Tituba.