Norman Reedus Has Terrifying Christmas Plans For His ‘Walking Dead’ Fans

Seriously, this is weird.

So, here’s something weird. You know how ferocious Rick’s beard is on “The Walking Dead” right now, right?


Well, in real life, that beard no longer belongs to Rick. It belongs to Rick’s best buddy, Daryl Dixon.

For whatever possibly spoilery reason, Andrew Lincoln shaved his beard off at some point during shooting season five of “The Walking Dead,” and the remnants of the beard now exist in Norman Reedus’ refrigerator. Seriously, look:

During a Reddit AMA over the weekend, Reedus confirmed that he still has the Rick beard in his fridge. Not only that, he plans on using it to provide “Walking Dead” fans all the world over with the greatest Christmas miracle of all.

In Reedus’ own words, he plans to “clone him multiple times over and send and army of andys out in to the world.”

All of the Grimes, all of the times.

While that’s what Reedus wants to give you for the holidays, what does he want in return? Reedus made his own Christmas wish abundantly clear, and it sounds appropriately crazy: he wants a “movie marathon in bed with a mountain of chocolate in a panda bear onesie.” No mention of whether or not he wants Rick to help him eat that mountain of chocolate, but…

…we’re just going to go ahead and assume yes.