Nintendo Wants To Take Their Games To The Movies

Remember when filmmaking was the domain of directors, screenwriters, and studios with decades of experience? In recent years, Hollywood has drifted away form that tradition, allowing toy manufacturers, comic book publishers, and other outsiders to craft their own productions—with surprising commercial success. In light of that, even companies that have been plagued by bad movie experiences are thinking about getting back behind the camera. The latest example is Nintendo, the video game giant that has largely steered clear of movies since 1993’s disastrous Super Mario Bros., but it now appears they are ready to give the big screen another chance.


Speaking to Japan’s Asahi News, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima suggested that handing over creative control to another company was their problem in the past. In other words, we are unlikely to get another Super Mario Bros.-style debacle. “The box office receipts on that weren’t so good,” said Kimishima. “But this time, rather than licensing, our current thinking is that we’d like to do as much as we can ourselves.”

It’s too early for Kimishima to provide specifics, but he did suggest that Nintendo is likely to (a) start with animation and (b) focus on one of their most prominent properties. “I want to use an IP that is popular with everyone, but I’m not saying it’s going to be Super Mario, I’m only saying we’ll put out something that everyone knows very well,” he explained. Asked if The Legend of Zelda might qualify, he gave fans of that enduring franchise reason to be optimistic: “We’re certainly aware that there is an immense demand for that one.”