Nintendo’s Mobile Madness Starts With Miitomo

Last week in Japan, Nintendo released their long-overdue first mobile game, Miitomo, and—surprise!—it’s already immensely popular. With over a million registered users in only a couple days, Nintendo’s doing pretty darn good for a mobile rookie.

To many a North American Nintendo fan’s excitement, the new game will see a worldwide release later this month. Still, many are still left kinda confused about what it is exactly. Well, Miitomo’s a simple social game that has users create an avatar called a Mii (around since the good ol’ Wii days). After answering a series of questions, your Mii goes off and exchanges your responses with other Miis—and that’s pretty much the core of the game.

Other features include the option of dressing up your Mii in different outfits, as well as placing your Mii in different poses and snapping creative pics of them. Considering the lack of depth, it’s pretty evident there’s not much of a game here, so think of Miitomo as an innocuous social media tool for Nintendo fans, rather than hardcore gamers.

From the company that brought the likes of Mario, Donkey Kong, and Metroid into our living rooms, it’s unusual that Nintendo’s first outing in the mobile market would be that of a social app. They could’ve easily released ports of their older classics and that would suffice. But Nintendo didn’t take the easy way out on this and placed their bets on a simpler concept, which has been paying off.

The game/app’s popularity is no surprise; Nintendo’s a huge name and has very deep roots in the gaming industry. Pair that up with a cute presentation and the fact that it’s free, and you have an instant hit. I’ll be sure to download Miitomo later this month and, who knows, maybe our Mii’s will cross paths down the road.