Arnold Says Next Terminator Will Be The Real T2 Sequel

Terminator 2

Last week brought several intriguing updates about the future of the Terminator franchise, and we now have additional details from the man behind the title cyborg. Appearing at an event known as An Experience With Arnold Schwarzenegger in Birmingham, England, the actor laid out a timeline for the next film in the series. As of right now, Linda Hamilton is deep in the training process—speaking to The Terminator Fans, Arnie said “she takes things very seriously”—with filming scheduled to commence in March. Schwarzenegger also revealed that Robert Patrick will have nothing to do with the new film, which definitely isn’t called Terminator 6.

The actor placed particular emphasis on that last point, noting that James Cameron takes issue with the sequels (“Cameron was not involved in the others, so he does not acknowledge the others”), a point the filmmaker has made clear in his conversations with Arnie. Schwarzenegger quoted him as saying, “Arnold, do me a favour, don’t ever say it’s Terminator 6.”

Rather than simply go along with the preferences of Cameron (and/or producer David Ellison), Schwarzenegger—always a man of pride and ego—insisted that those sequels simply can’t be ignored. “I said, ‘Guys, you really think you have the privilege and the right and the power to call it anything,’” he explained, regarding their resistance to the title Terminator 6. “People will call it what they want. So sure enough, every fu*king one will say Terminator 6, Terminator 6, Terminator 6, Terminator 6! I mean, do you think people are stupid? After seeing the movie, you may say it’s a great sequel to Terminator 2, but at the beginning, everyone is going to be calling it the sixth Terminator.”

Whatever you call it, that new Terminator movie hits theatres some time in 2019. For more of Schwarzenegger’s recent thoughts on Cameron and the franchise as a whole, check out the interview below.